■ General Rules / Basic Code and Member Guidelines

(A) Prohibition of impoliteness, disrespect, political disputes or racial assault

a1), It is strictly forbidden to exclude members, political topics, noisy disputes, racial attacks or disrespectful rudeness (including any personal information published) to maintain a harmonious atmosphere in the forum.
a2), Any behavior that is not respectful, rude, and bad tone, no matter what reason you have , it's no reason to accept at this site.
a3), It is strictly forbidden to harm other people's reputation, reputation, insult or swearing:
This site hopes that all members can discuss and respect each other rationally. They do not want members to be physically attacked, insulted, and vilified by individual people, local people, swear words or swear words and behaviors.
Insults generally refer to words that are despicable, have nothing to do with or use malicious or harsh words to slam or injure each other. It is embarrassing, and to damage the reputation of others, the words of derogatory words describe each other.

⇒ The violators will be warned, deducted, banned, or disabled by the extent of the violation (due to the definition of each individual, if there is a dispute, the administrator will discuss the arbitration collectively).

⇒ If any law raises issues, in order to maintain the harmonious of the forum (the plaintiff or the defendant), we must immediately disable the account until the issues settle, please pay attention to leave your message as well !

(B) It is strictly forbidden to commercialize or link to the discussion forum of the same nature as this site:

b1), It is strictly forbidden to advertise in short messages or on any personal information. (eg nickname, from, signature, avatar, website, etc.)
b2), It is strictly forbidden to use stories, rumors, reports, pictures, comparisons or other indirect forms of publicity.
b3), is a foul by any means to indicate the route or to imply that the member has access to other means.

⇒ Violators will be warned, deducted, banned, or deactivated (blocking accounts) according to the degree of violation.

Any means of publicity or advertising for commercial purposes, special cases must first obtain the consent of the site, the administrator reserves the final judgment.

(C) It is strictly forbidden to spamming ,flood or bump or any behavior of site interference

⇒ First mistakes Persuasion + Notes + Warning once, second time will deduct half points / clear points / ban (term) + warning once, third time , to clear points / ban (term) / direct block account.

If there is a special or major situation, the administrator will not directly deal with the above provisions.
c1), Definition of message board spamming and flood :
* Keep opening new posts for a short period of time or post long-lasting topics that are not popular (very rarely answered and viewed).
* Keep replying for a short time or give thanks to the same person. The subject that affects other members is pushed to a few pages.
c2), definition of irrigation:
* Most of them are responses to the same word, sentence, number or symbol. (eg: Thanks, THX, thank you, thank you for sharing, thank you for sharing)
* Most of them are copying the way you reply, using only emoticons or meaningless words.
* The subject of thanking the same person or affecting other members is pushed to a few pages in a short time.

(D) Subject or Post Reply and Prohibited Matters:

d1),  Please post in the corresponding section when posting, otherwise it will be regarded as the wrong version of the district, the first offender will be reminded to repost, and the multiple recidivists will be regarded as deliberate (deliberate), and deducted according to the degree of violation.
d2), It is strictly forbidden to steal the article or the article that has not been approved by the original. For details, please go to the relevant information area of ​​the site to pay attention to the relevant announcement.
d3), It is strictly forbidden to contain any threats, coercion, inducement, misleading, intimidation or collusion with others in order to achieve more gratitude.
* It is misleading to include "thank you by mistake" or "add false cover".
* It is already a threat and a temptation to write "less than how many words to thank after the number".
* Collusion members, friends who send thanks each other or use the trading area to illegally transfer points, are already collusive.

⇒ Once he above similar behavior is discovered, it is possible to immediately close the post and cancel the score of the subject or cancel all related member accounts.

⇒ Guided teaching: You can put in the article such as "When you feel good, please give me a thank you." To use as a reminder member.

d4), It is forbidden to use some special trendy expressions . it's accepatble If you use to express your tone and do not affect the reading of the article .

⇒ If it is difficult to interpret the content of the article, please report the notice to the moderator, and modify the PM notice for the first time. If no modification is made, the penalty will be deducted according to the degree of violation.

⇒ For members of different countries to participate in the discussion, please try to speak in traditional Chinese and use less dialect vocabulary to facilitate the reader's understanding.

d5), It is strictly forbidden to trade illegal articles, contraband or controlled items specified by national laws. For details, please pay attention to the rules of each district.
d6), It is strictly forbidden to use special characters as passwords. For details, please go to the relevant information area of ​​this website to pay attention to the relevant announcements.
d7), theme sharing space name must be written as abbreviated (abbreviation), no pre-screening editing theme (not true or incorrectly marked space)

⇒ You have no extra points & we will cancel all your points with member rights . The notice will not be punished within two days of the notice. If the amendment is completed, please inform the moderator.

⇒ For the release of the fake file, after the report is found, the points will be cleared and thank you.

d8), Please note before sharing, what is stolen and reposted??
* hotlinking is not equal to reposting. (Note 1)
* it must meet the "qualified re-posting standard" in order to be reposted. It is strictly forbidden to steal and must be severely punished! (Note 2)

* (Note 1) What is "hotlinking"?
For all file links (video, programs, articles, pictures, etc.), as long as they are not uploaded to the Internet, without the consent of the original sharer, you can copy the content or content to other places. No matter what purpose or intention, it is considered a thief.
* (Note 2) What is meant by "re-post"?
For all file links (videos, programs, articles, pictures, etc.), as long as they are not uploaded to the Internet, first use the original filer's consent, use the file links, content, or pictures, etc.
If you share it on this site or other websites, it will be reposted.
* It's Ok if you have a self-passing certificate to set the hidden, you can apply for a sub-division, do not abuse the hidden function, after the report and verification is true, directly clear the thank-you value and cancel the setting hidden.
* If it is through non-qualified reposting or hotlinking , it is disguised as autobiography/self-sharing/self-SEED, and it must be punished.

⇒ The first time the general member made a mistake, deducted half of the points / cleared points / blocked account + warning note, the second time directly blocked account.

⇒ VIP makes the first mistake. Deducts half of the points / clears the points / blocks the account + warning notes, clears the points for the second time and drops to the At-Large/Blocked Account + Warning Note, the third time directly blocked the account.

-------------------------------------------------- ---------
d9), Prohibits the following software & topic forwarding 1. Xuite Downloader 2. All kinds of free scripts are prohibited from being posted without the author's consent.

⇒ Those who find violations will be cleared of the points, and those who have serious circumstances will be forbidden.

d10), Share Post Reply In addition to the poster, other respondents are forbidden to use anonymous reply and ask questions. Unless the question involves personal privacy and security, the use of anonymous function is prohibited.

⇒ First warning note + Unanonymous, second deducted half points / clear points + warning notes + Unanonymous, third time clear points / block accounts + warning notes + Unanonymous.

d11), Violation of the relevant regulations of the edition. (subject to availability)

⇒ First time: Warning once + Persuasion + Annotation, second offense: warning once + deducting half of points/clearing points/blocking account, third time committing: clearing points/blocking account.

d12), Violation of the shareholder's rights and interests.
* Violation of regulations: Members who have not agreed to the original sharer of the site or who have not complied with the original author's diversion rules are verified after verification;
The offending diversion theme is closed, and the offending diversion member deducts the current half of the points to the original sharer and raises a violation diversion record. If you are a repeater, you can cancel the account directly.

⇒ The original creator must have a certificate of originator (in order to protect the rights of the original creator, it is best to add a certificate that can directly identify the original creator, such as ID/promotion certificate/flow watermark/graph, etc.).

⇒ The sharer should indicate the relevant instructions such as “No score flow within the specified time limit”, etc., and do not indicate that they agree to divert. In order to protect their rights and avoid disputes, please share the attention of the shareholder.

⇒ The diverter must be diverted by the original author's consent. It is best to indicate in the post which person to divert, or “I/post is only diverting” and follow the basic network etiquette.

⇒ In the original sharing theme of this site, after the sub-division, the shunting restriction will be lifted, and the sharer can decide the time to make up the time within 5 - 90 days to ensure the maximum benefit.

* Original definition: original program development (embedded account, Quallink-tech website).
Note 1: The original sharer can protect his or her rights as long as he can provide original or other relevant proofs for you.
Note 2: The original definition is extensive. If there is a dispute case, Quallink-tech has the final interpretation right after being discussed internally by Quallink-tech.

* Violation of reposting: Reposting without seeking the consent of the original creator; this behavior is considered as "theft".
(Teaching class or information article, if you have asked the author and the author has not answered or found the author for a long time, you will not be punished unless the author has the original station or the site reaction, the P2P class is not limited, unless the original stipulates that the seed is forbidden , then compare.)
* Openly hide content, such as points, passwords, etc. (whether unintentional or intentional, regardless of whether the sharer is pursued, as long as there is discovery, disciplinary action)

⇒ The first time the general member made a mistake, deducted half of the points / cleared points / blocked account + warning note, the second time directly blocked account.

⇒ VIP makes the first mistake. Deducts half of the points / clears the points + warning notes, clears the points for the second time and drops to the general membership + warning notes, the third time directly blocked the account.

d13), It is forbidden to publish topics related to child pornography. The management team found that the posts would be blocked and blocked immediately, and the offenders would clear the points or cancel the account identification according to the severity.

* All members are invited to take the initiative to check the relevant layout rules on their own initiative to avoid unnecessary troubles and disputes.
All the above relevant regulations, the administrator will give relative punishment according to the seriousness of the situation, no objection!

(E) User, member account note and prohibition:

e1), adheres to the one-person-one account principle; it is strictly forbidden to double-register multiple accounts) or multiple people share one account.
e2), Email is not allowed to be filled or changed into a strange mailbox. (In addition to the important things that need to be contacted, they are often used to prove the true identity of the members.)
e3), It is strictly forbidden to use obscene or indecent member names, avatars or signature files (erotic pictures).
e4), It is strictly forbidden to make money laundering, washing thanks or illegal money. (If the account is found to contain unknown scores, no reasonable explanation will be confiscated.)

⇒ The offender will immediately modify the relevant information by the administrator without any further notice.

e5), It is strictly forbidden to sell the contents of this site for profit, or reprint it elsewhere for sharing.
e6), This site is strictly forbidden "aggressive" avatar, ID, signature file, title, etc. If you have "aggressive" avatar, signature file, title, please change it yourself.

⇒ The first violation , Quallink-tech will send PM to persuade you. For the second violation  this site will force you to modify the related wording settings if you have no esponse .

■ Summary: Final decision

The announcement area rules are only the basic rules and guidelines of the station, and there will be corresponding different regulations in each area. Please be sure to pay attention to the rules of the area after entering.
Violators will be warned, deducted, banned, or permanently suspended (by blocking the account) at the discretion.
If a member maliciously challenges the rules of this site, the administrator has the final decision (interpretation rights) and makes changes without further notice.


 總版規 / 基本守則 會員指引


(A) 嚴禁 不禮貌、不尊重、政治糾紛 種族攻擊行為

a1 嚴禁排擠會員、政治話題、嘈吵糾紛、種族攻擊 不尊重沒禮貌 等言論(包含在任何 個人資料 上發表)行為,以保持論壇氣氛和諧。
a2 任何不尊重,沒禮貌,語氣不好等行為,不管你有什麼理由在本站都不能接受。
a3 嚴禁傷害他人名譽,聲譽,污辱 粗口罵戰:
污辱泛指言詞卑劣,無事生非 利用尖酸刻薄的字句惡意抨擊或中傷對方,令人難堪,及以傷害他人名譽聲譽,貶義之字詞形容對方等。

        ⇒ 違規者會按違規的程度(由於各人定義有別,若有爭議由管理員集體討論仲裁。),而被警告、扣分、禁言 停用帳號。

        ⇒ 若引起法律控告問題,以保持論壇和諧氣氛(原告或被告)都要馬上停用帳號直到雙方和解,請大家必須注意自身言行!


(B) 嚴禁商業宣傳 連結與本站性質相同之討論區:

b1 嚴禁在短訊息 在任何 個人資料 上宣傳。(:暱稱、來自、簽名、頭像、網站等)
b2 嚴禁用故事、謠言、報導、圖片、比較 其他間接形式宣傳。
b3 透過任何方式以顯示途徑指示 暗示會員可獲得其他途徑接觸等,都屬犯規。

        ⇒ 違規者會按違規的程度,而被警告、扣分、禁言 停用帳號 (封鎖帳戶)


(C) 嚴禁洗版、灌水 推貼、賺貼點數:

        ⇒ 違規者,第一次犯錯 勸導 + 註解 + 警告一次,第二次 扣一半積分/清空積分/禁言(期限) + 警告一次,第三次 清空積分/禁言(期限)/直接封鎖帳戶。

c1 洗版的定義:
* 短時間內不停開新貼 長期發佈沒人氣不熱門 (極少回覆 查看) 的主題。
* 短時間內不停回覆 給予感謝同一人,影響其他會員的主題被推到幾頁後。
c2 灌水的定義:
* 大部份是相同字眼、字句、數字 符號等回覆。(: ThanksTHX、謝謝、多謝分享、感謝大大分享 )
* 大部份是複製貼上的回覆方式、只用表情代碼 毫無意義亂扣字等。
* 短時間內不停給予感謝同一人 影響其他會員的主題被推到幾頁後。
c3 推貼 呃貼的定義:
* 推貼: 自己發出的主題內作回覆非回答會員提問 無意義回覆。
* 呃貼: 大量轉貼舊主題,每日全站各區合計不能轉貼超出 5 個主題以上,自分享(非轉貼)不在此限。

(D) 主題 發帖回覆注意 禁止事項:

d1 發帖時請發表於相對應之版區,不然將視為發錯版區,初犯移帖提醒,多次累犯者視為蓄意(刻意),按違規的程度扣分處理。
d2 嚴禁盜連 非經原作同意之轉貼文章,詳情到『 本站相關資訊區 』留意相關公告。
d3 嚴禁內容含任何 威脅、強迫、利誘、誤導、恐嚇 串通別人,以達到取得更多感謝數為目的。
* 帖內含有 "做成誤按的感謝連結" "加入假隱藏功能字樣",已經都屬 誤導 行為。
* 帖內寫上 "少於多少感謝數 以後就如何等字樣",已經都屬 威脅,利誘 行為。
* 串通會員,朋友互送感謝 利用交易區非法轉分,已經都屬 串通 行為。

        ⇒ 以上類似行為一經發現,按情況有可能即時關帖及取消主題所得之分數 取消所有相關會員帳號。

        ⇒ 指引教學:您可以在文章內打上如 "覺得好的話,請各位給我個感謝。" 來用作提醒會員。

d4 帖內禁止使用 注音 火星文。若用注音來表達語氣,不影響到文章的閱讀性,我們可以接受。

        ⇒ 若造成文章內容難解讀請舉報通知版主,首次將 PM 通知修改,如不作出修改按違規的程度扣分。

        ⇒ 為了不同國家會員共同參與討論,請盡量使用繁體中文發言,並少用方言詞彙,以方便讀者理解。

d5 嚴禁交易國家法律指定的違法物品,違禁品 管制物品,詳情留意各區規則說明。
d6 嚴禁以 特殊字元 作為密碼,詳細說明請到『 本站相關資訊區 』留意相關公告。
d7 主題分享空間名稱必需照實寫 (可縮寫),不得補分前投機編輯主題 (不實 不正確標示空間)

        ⇒ 亂寫不得補分 + 取消所有積分 + 會員註解。通知兩天內修正不處罰,修正完成請主動通知版主。

        ⇒ 對發布假檔者,經舉報發現後,將予以清空積分、感謝。

d8 分享前請注意,何謂 盜連 轉貼 ??
* 盜連不等於轉貼。(註一)
* 免空類轉貼必須符合 "合格轉貼標準" 才能轉貼,嚴禁盜連,抓到必定嚴懲!(註二)
* 何謂 圖片盜連

SE公司推出FF7續作,某A看到了『 哇!這個人真帥! 』,然後 點擊圖片;把圖片的網址複製下來......然後貼在某站上,這就叫 盜連 』。

* (註一) 何謂『 盜連 』?
舉凡所有檔案連結 (影音、程式、文章、圖片... 等等) ,只要不是本人上傳到網路上分享的東西,未取得原分享者同意,您就隨手複製載點或內容到其他地方發表,不論有何目的或居心,都算盜連。
* (註二) 何謂『 轉貼 』?
舉凡所有檔案連結 (影音、程式、文章、圖片... 等等),只要不是本人上傳到網路上分享的東西,先取得原分享者同意後,使用其本文檔案連結、內容、或圖片等,
再分享到本站或 他網站,都算轉貼。
* 免空類要有自傳證明才能設定隱藏,才可申請補分,不得濫用隱藏功能,經舉報及查證屬實後直接清空感謝數值和取消設定隱藏。
* 若是經由非合格轉貼或盜連,卻偽裝成 自傳/自分享/SEED ,抓到必定嚴懲。
* 盜連處份:

        ⇒ 一般會員第一次犯錯 扣一半積分/清空積分/封鎖帳戶 + 警告註記,第二次直接封鎖帳戶。

        ⇒ VIP第一次犯錯 扣一半積分/清空積分/封鎖帳戶 + 警告註記,第二次 清空積分且降為一般會員/封鎖帳戶 + 警告註記,第三次直接封鎖帳戶。

d9 禁止以下軟體 & 主題轉發 1. Xuite 下載器 2. 各類免空腳本,非經作者同意,禁止轉貼。

        ⇒ 經發現違規轉發者,一律清空積分處理,情節嚴重者將予以禁訪。

d10 分享貼回覆除了發貼者外,其他回覆者一律禁止使用匿名回覆、發問問題時,除非問題涉及個人隱私,安全,否則禁止使用匿名功能。

        ⇒ 第一次 警告註記 + 解除匿名,第二次 扣一半積分/清空積分 + 警告註記 + 解除匿名,第三次 清空積分/封鎖帳戶 + 警告註記 + 解除匿名。

d11 違反版區相關規定處份。(視情況而定)

        ⇒ 第一次犯:警告一次 + 勸導 + 註解,第二次犯:警告一次 + 扣一半積分/清空積分/封鎖帳戶,第三次犯:清空積分/封鎖帳戶。

d12 違規損害分享者權益相關處分。
* 違規分流:會員未經本站原創分享者同意或未遵照原創者的分流規則發帖者,經查證屬實後;

        ⇒ 原創者要有原創者證明 (為保障原創者的權益,最好加上可直接辨別原創者的證明,如 ID/推廣證明/流水印/ )

        ⇒ 分享者要註明 "規定期限內不得分流" 等的相關說明,未註明視為同意分流,為了保障自己的權益和避免造成糾紛,請分享者多多注意一下。

        ⇒ 分流者必須經原創者同意後始能分流,最好能在帖子內註明分流於誰,或“本人/ 只是分流“等字樣,遵守基本網路禮儀。

        ⇒ 在本站原創分享主題,補分後則解除分流限制,分享者可以在5 - 90 天內自行決定補分時間,確保自己的利益最大化。

* 原創定義:原創程式開發(可內嵌帳號、Quallink-tech網址)

* 違規轉貼:未徵求原創者同意就轉貼者;此行為視同『 盜連 』。
(教學類 or 資訊類文章,有詢問過作者而作者久未回覆或找不到作者,則不作處分,除非作者有到原站或本站反應,P2P類的不在此限,除非原創者禁止轉貼種子,則比照辦理。)
* 公開隱藏內容,如載點、密碼 (不管是無心還是有意,無論分享者是否追究,只要有發現,一律處分)

        ⇒ 一般會員第一次犯錯 扣一半積分/清空積分/封鎖帳戶 + 警告註記,第二次直接封鎖帳戶。

        ⇒ VIP第一次犯錯 扣一半積分/清空積分 + 警告註記,第二次清空積分且降為一般會員 + 警告註記,第三次直接封鎖帳戶。

d13 禁止發佈幼童色情之相關主題。管理團隊發現將即時關帖及屏蔽,累犯者視嚴重性清空積分或取消帳號辨理。

* 再次叮嚀:

(E) 用戶、會員帳號 注意 禁止事項:

e1 遵守一人一帳號原則;嚴禁重複註冊擁有多個帳號)或 多人共用一個帳號等。
e2 嚴禁 Email 亂填 亂改成奇怪的信箱。(除了重要事情聯絡上需要 也常 用作證明會員真實身份之用。)
e3 嚴禁使用淫穢 不雅的會員名稱,頭像或簽名檔(情色的圖片)。
e4 嚴禁進行洗錢、洗感謝 非法過錢。(如發現帳號含有來歷不明分數,沒有合理解釋一律充公。)

        ⇒ 犯規者立即由管理員修改相關資料,不作任何另行通知。

e5 嚴禁把本站內容販賣牟利,或 轉載到別處分享。
e6 本站 嚴禁 "攻擊性" 頭像,ID,簽名檔,頭銜等等,如有"攻擊性"頭像,簽名檔,頭銜,請您自行更改。

        ⇒ 第一次發現Quallink-tech會發PM給您勸導,第兩次您還是無回應,本站將強制修改您的"攻擊性"相關設置。

總結: 最終決定權

違規者會按違規的程度,而被警告、扣分、禁言發言 永久停止帳號 (封鎖帳戶)




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