"Quallink-Tech" Privacy Policy "Quallink-Tech" respects and protects your personal privacy. To help you understand how Quallink-Tech collects, uses and protects the personal information you provided, please refer to the following "Quallink-Tech" Privacy Policy.

The following privacy policy applies to the collection, use and protection of personal data involved in your activities on the Quallink-Tech website, but does not apply to other online trading websites, whether operated by a third party or It is operated jointly with “Quallink-Tech” and each website has its own privacy protection policy. When you make online purchases on these websites, the privacy protection policy of each website is applicable to the protection of personal data.


How does Quallink-Tech use the personal information you have collected?

To view the Quallink-tech website without having to enter your personal information, the Quallink-tech profile is described below.
Member registration: When a user registers as a Quallink-tech member, Quallink-tech will ask the user to provide personal information including name, gender, occupation, address, phone number, email...etc.

"Quallink-tech" will record the address of the user's website and the browsing activities on the "Quallink-tech" related website, but this information is only for traffic analysis and network behavior investigation, in order to improve "Quallink- The service quality of the tech related website, in some cases, such as when a user requests to join a member, subscribe to a newsletter, online shopping or other services, or participate in other activities, the "Quallink-tech" related website or its partners may Require users to log in to personal information in order to contact users, complete transactions, provide services, or process subscriptions; in these cases, the "Quallink-tech" related website or its partners will understand the facts, if the user Choosing not to receive any ads or contact information will be fully respected by Quallink-tech.

The user name and ID number collected by Quallink-Tech are for the purpose of opening a cash check and a prize basis. Information such as telephone, e-mail address and address is used as notice and contact user; unless the user agrees, all registered member information is for analysis purposes only, Quallink-Tech will not use the member information for other purposes. Quallink-Tech will never sell, exchange, or rent any of your personal information to other groups or individuals.


"Quallink-Tech" online survey results

Quallink-Tech strictly adheres to market research practices, and the results of your responses to Quallink-Tech will only be used in market research analysis. The results of the survey will never be used as a direct list.

In the following two situations, Quallink-Tech will share your personal data with third parties under the principles of this policy.

1. When the judicial unit requests "Quallink-Tech" to disclose certain personal data due to public safety and related violations, "Quallink-Tech" will regard the judicial unit as a legal and formal procedure and all users of "Quallink-Tech". Do the necessary cooperation under safety considerations.

2. If you may violate the "Quallink-Tech" Terms of Service, or may harm or hinder the interests of the users of the "Quallink-Tech" website or related third parties, if "Quallink-Tech" has reason to believe that the disclosure of this information is "Quallink-Tech" must disclose the user's personal data in order to identify, contact or take legal action against the person. In addition, the Quallink-Tech website may also disclose or read the user's personal data when it is believed in good faith that the disclosure is required by law or for the maintenance or improvement of products or services for management or other purposes.


How does "Quallink-Tech" protect member information?

"Quallink-Tech" continuously strengthens investment in network security devices to ensure the confidentiality of member information. We have strict policies restricting the reading of members' personal information by "Quallink-Tech" employees.

Please keep your password and or any personal information in good condition. Do not provide any personal information, especially the password, to anyone. After you complete the process of shopping, accessing emails, etc., be sure to log out of your account. If you are sharing a computer with another person or using a public computer, remember to close the browser window to prevent others from reading your personal information or correspondence.

Does "Quallink-Tech" record the IP address of the user's computer?

Have! "Quallink-Tech" has a record user's IP address. In order to protect the interests of the vast majority of members and prevent a few members from abusing the "Quallink-Tech" system, "Quallink-Tech" will use the user's IP address as the site. Identify any members who abuse the system and take appropriate action.

In addition to the above, Quallink-Tech will keep the relevant records generated by the user on the server when browsing or inquiring about the Internet, including the IP address of the connection, the time of use, the browser used, browsing and clicking on the data record.

Why does "Quallink-Tech" use cookies?

Cookies are short messages that the server writes to the user's hard drive via a browser in order to distinguish the user's different preferences. You can choose to modify your browser's acceptance of cookies in IE's "Internet Options" "Security" or "Advanced Settings" in Netscape's "Features", including accepting all cookies, getting notifications when setting cookies, Reject all three types of cookies.

To provide better and more personalized services, as well as to facilitate your participation in personalized interactive activities. Cookies are created when you sign up or log in, and are modified when you log out. If you choose to reject all cookies, you may not be able to use some of the personalized services of Quallink-Tech or participate in some of the activities.

Vendors who advertise on "Quallink-Tech" are not eligible for the "Quallink-Tech" Privacy Policy?

Please note that vendors who advertise on "Quallink-Tech" or sites linked to "Quallink-Tech" may also collect your personal information. For the personal information you provide, these advertisers or affiliated websites have their own privacy protection policies. The data processing measures do not apply to the "Quallink-Tech" privacy protection policy. "Quallink-Tech" does not bear any joint responsibility. .

In addition to the personal information you provide to the website, you may also provide personal information such as emails, names, etc. in the chat rooms, discussion boards, etc. on the websites of Quallink-Tech. This form of information is provided within the scope of the Quallink-Tech Privacy Policy.

Will "Quallink-Tech" send spam?

"Quallink-Tech" will never send or accept any spam. All Quallink-Tech members have agreed to abide by the Quallink-Tech service terms when they join Quallink-Tech, so Quallink-Tech does not have to send spam.

"Quallink-Tech" , the notice of Taiwan Personal Data Protection Law

"Quallink-Tech" , in accordance with the provisions of article 8 of the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Law (hereinafter referred to as the "Funding Law"), informs the Taiwanese side of the following matters as following:


a, the purpose of collection:

In order to handle the company's business conduct, marketing, personnel administration, other business related to the business registration project or the organization's charter, other non-fulfilment of legal obligations.


b, collected personal data categories:

Name, date of birth, personal identity number , passport number, marriage, family, education , occupation, interest, contact (including but not limited to telephone and address), other accounting information, social situation, finance Details, business information, and subsequent personal data collected for the specific purposes of the company's business operations.

c, Participation, period, region, object and method of personal data utilization:

(I) Period: The duration of the specific purpose of personal data collection, the retention period stipulated by relevant laws or deeds, or the period of preservation necessary for the company to perform business.

(II) Target: The company and the number of domestic and foreign companies that have signed a cooperation contract with the company.

(3) Region: The domestic or foreign location of the previously disclosed object.

(iv) Way: to use automated machines or other non-automated use.


d, According to the Taiwan Personal Data Protection Law of article 3 , the Taiwanese side may exercise the following rights in respect of the personal data held by the company:

(1) The company may be inquired, requested to read or request a copy of the company, and the company may, according to law, discretionary costs.

(2) It may request supplementary or correction from the company, but it shall be properly explined by officially.

(3) It may request the company to stop collecting, processing or utilizing and requesting the deletion. However, the company must do so according to the request of the station.

e, the impact if you do not provide the personal data:

It's freedom to choose whether to provide your relevant personal data to us . However, if you refuse to provide relevant personal data , the company will not be able to carry out the necessary auditing and processing operations, and will not be able to provide related services on your account

f, Use of land and specific purposes:

Based on the purpose of marketing, the personal data will be provided to the parent company of the Company, domestic and foreign related companies, and the number of domestic and foreign companies with which the company has a contractual cooperation contract. The scope of use of personal data is the same as that for the above specific purposes. If Taiwan refuses to provide personal data for special purposes, the former parent company, domestic and foreign affiliates, and domestic and foreign company numbers that have a contract with the company will not provide marketing services to Taiwan.

I have informed the person of the above matters by my company. I have clearly understood the purpose and use of my company's personal data when I registered my membership, and I agree to provide my personal information to your company for the purpose of opening a specific purpose. Collect, process, and use.

If you have never joined Quallink-Tech and have received an email from Quallink-Tech, please contact Quallink-Tech at support@quallink-Tech.com.tw. Someone may pretend to be here. Join "Quallink-Tech".

If you have any other questions about "Quallink-Tech", please also send a message to support@quallink-Tech.com.tw

For a more in-depth understanding of "Quallink-Tech", please continue to refer to the "Quallink-Tech" website and related terms of service.


「Quallink-Tech」隱私權保護政策 「Quallink-Tech」絕對尊重並予以保護您個人的隱私權。為了幫助您瞭解,「Quallink-Tech」如何蒐集、 運用及保護您所提供的個人資訊,請您詳細閱讀以下「Quallink-Tech」的隱私權保護政策(Privacy Policy)。

以下的隱私權保護政策,適用於您在「Quallink-Tech」網站活動時,所涉及的個人資料蒐集、運用與保護, 但不適用於其他線上交易網站,不論是由第三人獨立經營,或是與「Quallink-Tech」聯名經營, 各網站均有其專屬之隱私權保護政策。當您在這些網站進行線上購物時,關於個人資料的保護, 適用各該網站的隱私權保護政策。






Quallink-Tech 所蒐集的使用者姓名、身份證字號,僅供開立現金支票及贈獎依據。電話、電子信箱及住址等資訊,則作為通知及聯繫使用者之用;除非使用者同意,所有註冊相關會員資料僅供資料分析之用, Quallink-Tech 不會將會員資訊用做其他用途。Quallink-Tech 亦絕不會出售、交換、或出租任何您的個人資料給其他團體或個人。





以下兩種狀況,「Quallink-Tech」 會在本政策原則之下,與第三者共用您的個人資料。

一、司法單位因公眾安全及相關違法犯紀理由,要求「Quallink-Tech」公開特定個人資料時,「Quallink-Tech」將視司法單位合法正式的程序, 以及對「Quallink-Tech」所有使用者安全考量下做可能必要的配合。

二、當您可能違反「Quallink-Tech」服務條款,或者可能損害或妨礙「Quallink-Tech」網站使用者或相關第三人之權益時,若「Quallink-Tech」有理由相信揭露此資料係為辨識、 連絡或對該人採取法律行動所必要者,「Quallink-Tech」得揭露使用者之個人資料。 此外,基於善意相信揭露為法律需要,或為維護和改進產品、服務而用於管理或其他目的時, 「Quallink-Tech」網站亦得揭露或讀取使用者之個人資料。



「Quallink-Tech」不斷的加強網路安全設備上的投資,確保會員資料的保密, 我們有嚴格的政策限制「Quallink-Tech」員工讀取會員的個人資訊。

請妥善保管您的密碼及或任何個人資料,不要將任何個人資料,尤其是密碼提供給任何人。 在您完成購物、取閱電子郵件等程序後,務必記得登出帳戶,若您是與他人共享電腦或使用公共電腦, 切記要關閉瀏覽器視窗,以防止他人讀取您的個人資料或信件。

Quallink-Tech」有沒有紀錄使用者電腦的IP 位址?

有!「Quallink-Tech」有紀錄使用者的IP位址,為了確保絕大多數會員的利益,防止少數會員濫用「Quallink-Tech」的系統, 「Quallink-Tech」會利用使用者的IP位址做為找出任何濫用系統的會員,並採取適當的行動。



Cookies 是伺服端為了區別使用者的不同喜好,經由瀏覽器寫入使用者硬碟的一些簡短資訊。 您可以在IE的「Internet選項」的「安全性」或是Netscape的「功能設定」的「進階」中選擇修改您瀏覽器對Cookies的接受程度, 包括接受所有cookies、設定cookies時得到通知、拒絕所有cookies等三種。

為提供更好、更個人化的服務,以及方便您參與個人化的互動活動。cookies 在您註冊或登入時建立, 並在您登出時修改。如果您選擇拒絕所有的cookies,您就可能無法使用「Quallink-Tech」部份個人化服務, 或是參與部份的活動。



請您注意,在「Quallink-Tech」刊登廣告之廠商,或與「Quallink-Tech」連結的網站,也可能蒐集您個人的資料。 對於您主動提供的個人資訊,這些廣告廠商、或連結網站有其個別的隱私權保護政策, 其資料處理措施不適用「Quallink-Tech」隱私權保護政策, 「Quallink-Tech」不負任何連帶責任。

除了您主動登錄網站,提供的的個人資料之外,您也可能在「Quallink-Tech」各網站中的聊天室, 討論版等主動提供個人資料如電子郵件,姓名等。這種形式的資料提供, 不在「Quallink-Tech」隱私權保護政策的範圍之內。



「Quallink-Tech」絕對不會送出、也絕對不容許任何送垃圾郵件的行為。 所有「Quallink-Tech」會員在加入「Quallink-Tech」的時候都已經同意遵守「Quallink-Tech」的服務規定條款, 所以「Quallink-Tech」絕無發送垃圾郵件的必要。


「Quallink-Tech」/ 凸發股份有限公司(以下稱本公司)依據個人資料保護法(以下稱個資法)第八條第一項規定,向台端告知下列事項,請台端詳閱:

壹、 蒐集之目的:



貳、 蒐集之個人資料類別:


參、 個人資料利用之期間、地區、對象及方式:

(一) 期間:個人資料蒐集之特定目的存續期間、依相關法令或契約約定之保存期限或本公司因執行業務所必須之保存期間。

(二) 對象:本公司、及與本公司有簽屬合作契約之國內外公司行號等。

(三) 地區:前揭對象之國內或國外所在地。

(四) 方式:以自動化機器或是其他非自動化之利用方式。


肆、 依據個資法第三條規定,台端就本公司保有台端之個人資料得行使下列權利:

(一) 得向本公司查詢、請求閱覽或請求製給複製本,而本公司依法得酌收必要成本費用。

(二) 得向本公司請求補充或更正,惟依法台端應為適當之釋明。

(三) 得向本公司請求停止蒐集、處理或利用及請求刪除,惟依法本公司因執行業務所必須者,得不依台端請求為之。


伍、 台端不提供個人資料所致權益之影響:



陸、 特定目的外之利用:


經 貴公司向本人告知上開事項,本人於註冊會員時已清楚了解 貴公司蒐集、處理或利用本人個人資料之目的及用途,並同意提供本人個人資料予 貴公司為上開特定目的範圍內之蒐集、處理、利用。


如果您從未加入「Quallink-Tech」,卻收到由「Quallink-Tech」寄出的郵件,請馬上與「Quallink-Tech」support@quallink-Tech.com.tw 聯絡, 可能是有人冒充您來加入「Quallink-Tech」。

如果您有對「Quallink-Tech」有任何其他的問題,也請寄信到 support@quallink-Tech.com.tw





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