1) Recognize and accept the "Quallink-Tech" Terms of Service

Quallink-Tech will provide online services on the Quallink-Tech website (www.Quallink-Tech.com.tw, ​​hereinafter referred to as "Quallink-Tech") in accordance with the following Terms of Service.

Please read the following terms and conditions carefully and keep abreast of the modification of the terms. By registering a member of Quallink-Tech and using the related website services, you indicate that you have read, understood and agree to accept all of the following terms of service; "Quallink-Tech" has the right to modify the terms of service from time to time, You are always aware of such modifications or changes. Your continued use of the Quallink-Tech related service after any modification or change will be deemed to have read, understood and agreed to the revised terms. If you do not agree to the terms below, please stop using Quallink-Tech immediately.

If you are under the age of 18, in addition to complying with the above provisions, you should read, understand and agree to all the contents of this agreement and subsequent changes and modifications before your parent (or guardian) can use or continue to use. "Quallink-Tech". By using or continuing to use Quallink-Tech, your parent (or guardian) has read, understood and agreed to accept all of the contents of this agreement and subsequent changes.


2) User's commitment

In order to use the Service, you agree to the following:

(a) Provide you with correct, up-to-date and complete information in accordance with the instructions in this Service Registry.

(b) Maintain and update your personal information to ensure it is correct, current and complete.

(c) You can only apply for one account

(d) It is forbidden to apply for or use an account with any third party.

(e) It is forbidden to fill in any untrue information.

Quallink-Tech reserves the right to suspend or terminate your account and refuse your use of the Service if you provide any error or false information or violate any of the above.


3) User's compliance obligations

You undertake not to use Quallink-Tech for any illegal purpose or in any illegal way, and undertake to comply with the relevant regulations of the Republic of China and all international practices using the Internet. Selling contraband (such as firearms, drugs, drugs, etc.), using other people's names or credit card numbers to conduct transactions, spamming advertising messages, invading computer systems or interfering with their operations, spreading computer viruses, blaming others or infringing others Intellectual property rights, etc. are all criminal acts. Once discovered, "Quallink-Tech" will immediately report to the police prosecutor for handling and fully cooperate with the investigation of crimes.

The interpretation and application of this agreement, as well as the disputes related to this agreement, shall be handled in accordance with the laws of the Republic of China, and the Taiwan Taoyuan District Court shall be the court of first instance.

4) "Quallink-Tech" advertising

All advertisements, text and image descriptions, sample samples or other sales information that you browse on "Quallink-Tech" are designed and presented by the advertisers, products and service providers. You should consider and judge the correctness and credibility of the advertisement. "Quallink-Tech" is only accepted for entrustment and is not responsible for the above advertising.

Vendors or individuals may provide merchandise trading, services or other trading activities through the message service or related internet links in the "Quallink-Tech" platform. If you deal with such vendors or individuals, each sale or other contract exists between you and each of the vendors or individuals. You should require each of the manufacturer or individual to explain in detail the quality, content, shipping, warranty, and warranty obligations of the goods, services, or other transactions. Any dispute arising out of the foregoing trading, service or other trading activities shall be sought and assisted by the respective manufacturer or individual. The Quallink-Tech statement does not in any way involve any trading, service or other transaction between you and the manufacturer or individual and is not responsible for the goods, services or other subject matter you receive.

5) "Q coins"

When your "Q Yuan" accumulated value is less than NT$500 (5000 Q), "Quallink-Tech" is not responsible for any guarantee of your Q currency. If you provide "Quallink-Tech" incorrect and incomplete information, and you are unable to cash your Q coins, "Quallink-Tech" will not be liable for any warranty. If the "Quallink-Tech" Q currency needs to change the Q currency due to problems with the computer network and the server, "Quallink-Tech" has the right to change the Q-currency quantity according to the backup data and system regulations. In case of any controversial decision, the results published by Quallink-Tech shall prevail. The evidence or advice provided by members and other third parties is for Quallink-Tech reference only and is not binding on Quallink-Tech.

6) Remarks expressed by users of "Quallink-Tech"

Services such as chat rooms, message boards or discussion forums provided by Quallink-Tech allow web users to actively spread messages or express their opinions and opinions. These contents do not represent the position of "Quallink-Tech" and should be the responsibility of the publisher himself. "Quallink-Tech" is not responsible for the comments of Internet users, nor does it guarantee the authenticity of each user's signature. However, Quallink-Tech has the right (but not the obligation) to refuse or remove any "Membership Content" provided through the Service, in its sole discretion.

If you have no legal right to authorize others to use, modify, reproduce, publicly broadcast, modify, distribute, distribute, or publish a material, and transfer the foregoing rights to a third party, do not upload, transmit, or import the material without authorization. Or provide to "Quallink-Tech". Any information that you upload, transmit, import or provide to Quallink-Tech is deemed to have permitted you to use Quallink-Tech for unconditional use, modification, reproduction, public transmission, alteration, or Distributing, distributing, and publicly publishing such information, and transferring the foregoing rights to others, you have no objection. You should also ensure that Quallink-Tech uses, modifies, reproduces, publicly broadcasts, reproduces, distributes, distributes, publishes, and delegates such materials without infringing the intellectual property rights of any third party, otherwise it shall respond to "Quallink-Tech". Liability for damages (including but not limited to litigation costs and attorney fees, etc.).

You understand and agree that "Quallink-Tech" shall, in accordance with the requirements of the law or within the reasonable scope necessary for the following purposes, determine that the "Membership Content" must be preserved or disclosed to a government agency, judicial police or guardian of a minor. Have to save and expose:

(a) comply with the requirements of the law or government agencies

(b) Implementation of these Terms of Service

(c) Responding to any claim against third party rights

(d) protect the rights, property or personal safety of Quallink-Tech and its users and the public.

7) "Quallink-Tech" service

In the following cases, “Quallink-Tech” reserves the right to cancel bonuses or prizes won by members through Q currency exchange or bidding:

(a) Any violation of the "Quallink-Tech" Terms of Service.

(b) You have not provided your own correct, up-to-date and complete information.

(c) You apply for more than one "Quallink-Tech" account.

(d) Any act that Quallink-Tech considers to be cheating.

Prize bidding

The "Quallink-Tech" prize bidding is different from the general bidding website. The bidding items are provided by "Quallink-Tech" or the sponsor. "Quallink-Tech" has the right to decide whether any member wins the bid fairly. "Quallink-Tech" does not guarantee any Mail shipping processing error. If the prize you win on the "Quallink-Tech" network bid is provided by a third party manufacturer, when you bid, you will agree that "Quallink-Tech" can provide your personal information to a third party. Manufacturers, for mailing purposes. If you do not want your profile to be available to third-party vendors, you may choose not to bid on this item.

"Quallink-Tech" prizes

When you participate in any of the "Quallink-Tech" awards, you will agree that "Quallink-Tech" has the right to post your name on the "Quallink-Tech" page when you win the prize, if you do not Agree, please inform "Quallink-Tech" that you do not want to participate in the "Quallink-Tech" awards. Quallink-Tech employees and their relatives, customers, agents or vendors will not be allowed to participate in the "Quallink-Tech" awards and bidding activities.


8) System interruption or failure

This service may be interrupted or malfunctioned at times, which may cause inconvenience in your use, loss of data, errors, tampering, or other financial loss. You should take precautions when using this service. Quallink-Tech shall not be liable for any damages resulting from your use of (or the inability to use) the Service.


9) Third party provides information

"Quallink-Tech" will cooperate with other companies, vendors and other third parties ("Content Providers") to provide different content including news, messages, etc. for "Quallink-Tech", "Quallink-Tech" The content provider will be indicated at the time of publication. Based on respect for the intellectual property rights of the content providers, Quallink-Tech does not make substantive examinations or modifications to the content provided by them, and is not responsible for the correctness of such content. It is advisable for you to judge the correctness of such content. If you believe that something is infringing or is not true, please respond to the content provider.


10) Disclaimer

You clearly understand and agree to:

Quallink-Tech does not provide any express or implied warranties for the Service, including but not limited to commercial suitability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of the rights of others. Quallink-Tech does not guarantee the following:

(a) The Service will meet your needs.

(b) The Service is not subject to interference, provided in a timely manner, is safe or reliable, or is free of errors.

(b) The results obtained by the use of the Service are correct or reliable.

(d) Any products, services, information or other materials you purchase or obtain through the Service will meet your expectations.

Whether you download or obtain any information through the use of the Service shall be at your own risk and at your own risk. You are solely responsible for any damage or loss of data in your computer system caused by the download of any prior data. The advice and information you obtain from Quallink-Tech or through the Service, whether written or verbally, do not constitute a guarantee of the Service.


11) Refuse or terminate your use

You agree that "Quallink-Tech" may be based on its own discretion, including but not limited to lack of use for any reason, or "Quallink-Tech" believes that you have violated the express provisions and spirit of these Terms of Service, "Quallink-Tech" Immediately close or delete your account and all relevant materials and files in your account, and stop using the service. In addition, you agree that Quallink-Tech will not be liable to you or any third party if the use of the Service is terminated.

12) Intellectual property rights

All contents of the "Quallink-Tech" website, including text, graphics, audio and video, programs, screen arrangement and data editing, etc., whose copyrights, patents, trademarks and other intellectual property rights belong to "Quallink-Tech" or authorized "Quallink-" Tech is the right holder. You may not copy, modify, edit, distribute, publicly transmit or otherwise illegally use any form without the legal authorization of Quallink-Tech or the right holder, otherwise Quallink-Tech will pursue and claim compensation according to law.


13) Privacy Policy

Quallink-Tech will protect as much as possible about the privacy of your use of the services of the "Quallink-Tech" service. Please refer to the "Quallink-Tech Privacy Protection Policy" for details.


14) Taiwan Income Tax Law

"For the exchange of cash and prizes provided by this website, the recipient shall pay 10% of the foreigner's 20% deductible tax, and shall incorporate the income into the comprehensive income report for the year"

Note: If the amount of income does not exceed NT$20,000, the withholding is still required, but the withholding voucher must still be filled out.


1) 認知與接受「Quallink-Tech」服務條款


請您仔細閱讀以下條款內容,並隨時注意條款的修改狀況。當您註冊「Quallink-Tech」的會員並使用相關網站服務時,即表示您已閱讀、 瞭解並同意接受以下服務條款之所有內容;「Quallink-Tech」有權不定期修改服務條款之內容, 建議您隨時注意該等修改或變更。您於任何修改或變更後繼續使用「Quallink-Tech」相關服務,將視為您已閱讀、 瞭解並同意修改後的條款。如果您不同意以下條款的內容,請您立即停止使用「Quallink-Tech」。

若您為未滿十八歲,除應符合上述規定外,並應於您的家長(或監護人)閱讀、 瞭解並同意本約定書之所有內容及其後修改變更後,方得使用或繼續使用「Quallink-Tech」。 當您使用或繼續使用「Quallink-Tech」時,即表示您的家長(或監護人)已閱讀、 瞭解並同意接受本約定書之所有內容及其後修改變更。

2) 使用者的承諾


      (a) 依本服務註冊表之提示提供您本人正確、最新及完整的資料。

      (b) 維持並更新您個人資料,確保其為正確、最新及完整。

      (c) 您只能申請一個帳

      (d) 禁止幫任何第三人申請或使用帳號。

      (e) 禁止填寫任何不實的資料。

若您提供任何錯誤或不實的資料,或違反以上任何規定,「Quallink-Tech」有權暫停或終止您的帳號, 並拒絕您使用本服務。


3) 使用者的守法義務

您承諾絕不為任何非法目的或以任何非法方式使用「Quallink-Tech」, 並承諾遵守中華民國相關法規及一切使用網際網路之國際慣例。 販賣違禁品(例如槍械、毒品、禁藥...等)、冒用他人名義或信用卡號進行交易、濫發廣告郵件、 侵入電腦系統或干擾其運作、散佈電腦病毒、誹謗他人名譽或侵害他人智慧財產權等,均屬犯罪行為。 一經發覺,「Quallink-Tech」將立即報請檢警機關處理,並全力配合犯罪之偵查。

本約定書之解釋與適用,以及與本約定書有關的爭議,均應依照中華民國法律予以處理, 並以台灣桃園地方法院為第一審管轄法院。

4) Quallink-Tech」廣告

您在「Quallink-Tech」上瀏覽到的所有廣告內容、文字與圖片之說明、展示樣品或其他銷售資訊, 均由各該廣告商、產品與服務的供應商所設計與提出。您對於廣告之正確性與可信度應自行斟酌與判斷。 「Quallink-Tech」僅接受委託予以刊登,不對前述廣告負擔保責任。

廠商或個人可能透過「Quallink-Tech」平台內之留言服務或相關網路連結提供商品買賣、服務或其他交易行為。 您若因此與該等廠商或個人進行交易,各該買賣或其他合約均僅存在您與各該廠商或個人兩造之間。 您應要求各該廠商或個人,就其商品、服務或其他交易標的物之品質、內容、運送、 保證事項與瑕疵擔保責任等,事先詳細闡釋與說明。您因前述買賣、服務或其他交易行為所產生之爭執, 應向各該廠商或個人尋求協助及解決。「Quallink-Tech」聲明絕不介入您與廠商或個人間的任何買賣、 服務或其他交易行為,對於您所獲得的商品、服務或其他交易標的物亦不負任何擔保責任。


您若係向「Quallink-Tech」經營的購物網站進行前述買賣、服務或其他交易行為, 雙方權利義務將另行依據該網站之購買條款內容決定之。


5) Q幣」

當您的「Q元」累積價值在新台幣五百元 (5000 Q幣)以內時,「Quallink-Tech」無須對您的Q幣負任何擔保責任。 若您提供給「Quallink-Tech」不正確及不完整的資料,而導致您無法把您的Q幣兌現, 「Quallink-Tech」將不負任何擔保責任。若「Quallink-Tech」Q幣因為電腦網路,伺服器出現的問題而需要更改Q幣時, 「Quallink-Tech」有權依據備份資料及系統規定更改Q幣擁有數量。若有任何爭議性決定,以Quallink-Tech公佈的結果為準。 會員及其他第三人所提供之證據或建議僅供Quallink-Tech參考,不對Quallink-Tech具任何約束力。



「Quallink-Tech」所提供的聊天室、留言版或討論區等服務,均允許網路使用者主動傳播訊息或發表自己的觀點、 言論。這些內容並不代表「Quallink-Tech」的立場,應由發表者本人自負其責。 「Quallink-Tech」對於網路使用者的言論不負責任,亦不擔保各使用者署名之真實性。 但「Quallink-Tech」有權(但無義務)依其自行之考量,拒絕或移除經由本服務提供之任何「會員內容」。


若您無合法權利得授權他人使用、修改、重製、公開播送、改作、散布、發行、公開發表某資料, 並將前述權利轉授權第三人,請勿擅自將該資料上載、傳送、輸入或提供至「Quallink-Tech」。 任何資料一經您上載、傳送、輸入或提供至「Quallink-Tech」時,視為您已允許 「Quallink-Tech」可以基於公益或私益之目的,無條件使用、修改、重製、公開播送、改作、散布、發行、 公開發表該等資料,並得將前述權利轉授權他人,您對此絕無異議。您並應保證「Quallink-Tech」使用、 修改、重製、公開播送、改作、散布、發行、公開發表、轉授權該等資料, 不致侵害任何第三人之智慧財產權,否則應對「Quallink-Tech」負損害賠償責任 (包括但不限於訴訟費用及律師費用等)。

您了解並同意,「Quallink-Tech」依據法律的要求,或基於以下目的之合理必要範圍內, 認定必須將「會員內容」加以保存或揭露予政府機關、司法警察或未成年人之監護人時, 得加以保存及揭露:

      (a) 遵守法令或政府機關之要求律程序

      (b) 執行本服務條款

      (c) 回應任何侵害第三人權利之主張

      (d) 保護「Quallink-Tech」及其使用者及公眾之權利、財產或個人安全。

7) Quallink-Tech」服務


      (a) 任何違反「Quallink-Tech」服務條款的規定。

      (b) 您沒有提供您本人正確、最新及完整的資料。

      (c) 您申請超過一個「Quallink-Tech」帳號。

      (d) 任何「Quallink-Tech」認為作弊的行為。






8) 系統中斷或故障

本服務有時可能會出現中斷或故障等現象,或許將造成您使用上的不便、資料喪失、錯誤、 遭人篡改或其他經濟上損失等情形。您於使用本服務時宜自行採取防護措施。 「Quallink-Tech」對於您因使用(或無法使用)本服務而造成的損害,不負任何賠償責任。


9) 第三人提供資料

「Quallink-Tech」隨時會與其他公司、廠商等第三人(「內容提供者」)合作,由其提供包括新聞、訊息、 等不同內容供「Quallink-Tech」刊登,「Quallink-Tech」於刊登時均將註明內容提供者。 基於尊重內容提供者之智慧財產權,「Quallink-Tech」對其所提供之內容並不做實質之審查或修改, 對該等內容之正確真偽亦不負任何責任。對該等內容之正確真偽,您宜自行判斷之。 您若認為某些內容涉及侵權或有所不實,請逕向該內容提供者反應意見。


10) 免責聲明


Quallink-Tech」對本服務不提供任何明示或默示的擔保,包含但不限於商業適售性、 特定目的之適用性及未侵害他人權利。「Quallink-Tech」不保證以下事項:






是否經由本服務之使用下載或取得任何資料應由您自行考量且自負風險, 因前開任何資料之下載而導致您電腦系統之任何損壞或資料流失,您應負完全責任。 您自「Quallink-Tech」或經由本服務取得之建議和資訊,無論其為書面或口頭,均不構成本服務之保證。


11) 拒絕或終止您的使用

您同意「Quallink-Tech」得基於其自行之考量,因任何理由,包含但不限於缺乏使用, 或「Quallink-Tech」認為您已經違反本服務條款的明文規定及精神, 「Quallink-Tech」得立即關閉或刪除您的帳號及您帳號中所有相關資料及檔案, 及停止本服務之使用。此外,您同意若本服務之使用被終止,「Quallink-Tech」對您或任何第三人均不承擔責任。

12) 智慧財產權

「Quallink-Tech」網站上所有內容,包含文字、圖形、影音、程式、畫面安排及資料編輯等, 其著作權、專利權、商標及其他智慧財產權,均屬於「Quallink-Tech」或授權「Quallink-Tech」使用之正當權利人。 在未經「Quallink-Tech」或正當權利人合法授權前,您不得擅自以任何形式複製、改作、編輯、散布、 公開傳播或其他非法使用,否則「Quallink-Tech」將依法追訴並請求賠償。

13) 隱私權保護政策

對於您使用「Quallink-Tech」的服務所留下的個人資料,「Quallink-Tech」基於對隱私權的尊重,將儘可能予以保護。 相關細節請參閱「Quallink-Tech隱私權保護政策」。


14) 台灣所得稅法之規定

"本網站提供之兌換現金及獎品等活動,領取人依法應繳納10%〈外國人20%〉扣繳稅額, 同時應將該所得併入當年度綜合所得申報"

註:所得額未超過 NT$20,000時免扣繳,但仍須填發扣繳憑單




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